Bunnahabhain 46 Year Old

Bunnahabhain 46 Year Old Eich Bhana Lìr (meaning the great waves of the God Lìr) is the oldest expression ever released by the distillery. There were only 198 beautiful bottles available, and one will set you back a whopping £5,000! I am confident most whisky enthusiasts will have bought theirs already, though.

The God Lìr was the powerful ruler of the sea in Gaelic mythology and he used his great waves to wash ashore his precious gifts. The bottle for this single malt is handcrafted to represent the white waves of Islay’s sea crashing into Bunnahabhain bay. The outcome is absolutely stunning!


I received the sample a while back, but felt slightly intimidated by it and waited all this time before I felt the time was right for me to open the bottle and enjoy it with great pleasure. After my visit to Islay and Bunnahabhain distillery a few years back, I felt their whiskies were made for my palate (I haven’t developed the taste for peat just yet…). It is such a privilege to have the chance to sample this expression, and I wanted to do it properly.

Bunnahabhain Single Malt.JPG

Eich Bhana Lìr single malt, bottled at 41.8%, has a lovely dark golden colour. On the nose I get dried fruits, Oloroso sherry and liquorice. A hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate I can taste dried fruits and citrus, which changes into an earthier feel that reminds me of autumn leaves, all-spice and old leather. The finish takes me back to the citrus notes with roasted nuts and gentle spiciness. Overall, an aromatic and elegant whisky. A very enjoyable dram (I wish I had more of it)!

Do you have a favourite whisky? How do you like your whisky to be served?

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  1. I only recently developed a taste for Bunnahabhain, I started out on peaty whiskies! I probably won’t get a chance to taste the 46 year old but I’m hoping to try the new Wemyss Malts 28 year old bottling, Untold Riches. Hearing great things, have you tried that one?

    1. Bunnahabhain 12yo was the first scotch I ever really enjoyed. I haven’t tried this one though, must keep an eye out for it.

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